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Blade GT + Electric Scooter

Welcome to the lineup the Teverun Blade GT Plus Electric Scooter, with a top speed of over 50 miles per hour and a real-life range of 45+ miles in a single charge, the GT+ is not to be missed. Let’s talk features on this electric scooter; 11 inch CST street tires with puncture free coating, fully hydraulic brakes, front and rear adjustable hydraulic suspension, a dedicated headlight, accent lighting, steering damper, and sine wave controllers will have you conquering your ride in style. This scooter also features tons of controls with a 3.5” TFT display, NFC start/lock by card or phone, and multi-switch make this scooter the complete package.

Shipping in early February

    Compare our electric scooter speeds, range, features, and prices.

    Compare our electric scooter specs and prices.


    • Tire Size: 11 inch street tires with a puncture free coating
    • Display: 3.5 inch TFT screen
    • Speed: 15mph to 50mph
    • Maximum Range: 45 miles
    • Brakes: Full Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Electronic Lock: NFC Card
    • Suspension: Double Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension
    • Maximum Load: 260lbs
    • The Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Unfolded Dimensions (inches): L52" / H51" / W24"
    • Folded Dimensions (inches): L52" / H19" / W11"
    • Net Weight: 77lbs
    • Gross Weight: 99lbs


    • GT+ 3.5 inch multifunction TFT screen
    • You can customize the settings for power, speed, current, ABS, torque and more.


    • Headlight
    • Taillight
    • Turn Signals

    More Features:

    • NFC Start using Card or Smart Phone
    • Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension for Better Comfort
    • CNC Kickstand.

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