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    We are the official distributor of MiniMotors Brand, Dualtron and Speedway Electric Scooters.  Based out of San Francisco, MiniMotors USA is always available to answer any questions and offer support.  Our goal is 100% customer support and satisfaction.  We stock all parts and accessories and offer a standard 6 month warranty on our products.  Give us a call today at 628-240-3880 or by email at  We can't wait to hear from you!


    Minimotors is known for performance, with speeds over 60 mph!


    Range will never be an issue, with up to 135 miles of range, commuting is easy.


    These are high-performance vehicles and we recommend practicing safe travel.


    Minimotors is known for off-road capabilities that set us apart from most other e-scooters.

    Shop Dualtron

    Dualtron Electric Scooters represent the highest quality electric scooters you can find today.  They are the best built, most capable, and have the longest range in the market.  Experience the best electric scooters in the world.  Redefining transport!

    MiniMotors USA best customer service electric scooter

    Shop Speedway

    Speedway Electric Scooters, by MiniMotors, are the most trusted and reliable entry level scooters available.  Build quality is as impressive as the performance.  Used and trusted by scooter share companies across the USA.

    Daultron Storm Electric Scooter