Warranty Policy

MiniMotors USA limited Warranty Policy Effective January 1st, 2023


At MiniMotors USA we pride ourselves on our support, accessibility, quick response time, product knowledge, and stock of parts. Should you ever experience an issue, our goal is to get you up and running right away. All MiniMotors USA electric scooters come with a standard 1 year limited warranty (see Standard Warranty) with the exception of final sale items (see Final Sale Warranty), which carry a limited 30 day warranty. Please see below to understand the coverage available

Standard Scooter Warranty

All MiniMotors USA electric scooters purchased directly or within our retail network come with a standard 1 year limited warranty. We do also offer the option to purchase extended 3rd party from Extend (https://www.extend.com/) in 1, 2, or 3 year options which begin after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

All scooters purchased prior to January 1st, 2023 carried a 6 month comprehensive warranty on the scooter and a 12 month warranty on the battery.



MiniMotors USA offers a one year limited warranty period that begins at the date of delivery. This warranty requires the scooter to be operated for its intended use and includes coverage of OEM parts with some restrictions. Those parts that fall under the manufacturer warranty include the most critical components of the scooter which are; the battery, the motor controllers, the motors, and the throttle/display. During your active warranty period, MiniMotors USA will only approve claims once during the coverage period. For instance, MiniMotors USA will cover a motor under warranty once, but additional failures of that component will not be covered under warranty.



MiniMotors USA 1 year Limited Warranty does not cover


  • Frame or Frame members
  • Lighting Systems
  • Switches
  • Wear and Tear Items (brakes, pads, tires, rims, screws, etc)
  • Products used for rental or commercial purposes
  • Wear and tear failures, or failures caused by water damage or wreck
  • Physical damage, such as scratches, dents, cracks.


Our scooters are built to last, and we can help. To maximize longevity, MiniMotors USA electric scooters require basic and minimal maintenance. Proper maintenance, operation, and storage are essential when owning any e-travel device. Component failures caused by aftermarket modifications, exposure to elements (water damage), battery neglect/improper storage, and using the product for something outside its intended use will not be covered under warranty.


MiniMotors USA warranty is a parts warranty. We stock parts well, ship quickly, and offer 3 forms of support to get you up and running right away.

  1. Self repair – MiniMotors products are fun and friendly to work on, most components are plug and play, and we can offer comprehensive guidance for at home repairs. We offer custom videos, wiring diagrams, typed instructions, phone support, and guidance needed to help with installation.
  2. Service locations- MiniMotors USA has a rapidly growing network of retail/service locations. If you prefer not to repair the scooter yourself, we are happy to help connect you to a local service location in our network.  If we refer you to a local retail or service location, labor costs associated with the repair will apply.
  3. Shipping for service- If you prefer not to tackle the service, we always have the option to get the scooter back and help with the repair.  If the scooter is shipped in for warranty repair, the customer will be responsible for shipping to our repair location.  MiniMotors USA will cover labor charges and return shipping associated with the warranty repair.



Final Sale Warranty

MiniMotors USA strives to offer the best pricing.  Final sale items are items at rock bottom prices.  They are new items and high quality electric scooters.  That being said, any items that are designated as "final sale" will be subject to a reduced warranty coverage of 30 days from the date of delivery. This reduced warranty will provide coverage as specified under the general warranty terms, but for a duration of 30 days.  Extended warranties with 1, 2, or 3 year terms can be purchased on final sale items though Extend (https://www.extend.com/).

Filing a Claim

Should you have an issue with your MiniMotors USA product, we’re here to help!  Send us an email, give us a call, outline/detail the issue you’re having, attach photos or videos so we can check it out. We pride ourselves in our response time and know our scooters very well. We know and love all MiniMotors scooters, and can help with supporting all models, including legacy or discontinued ones, regardless of warranty status.


Shipping Coverage

We hate to see a problem on a new scooter. Should you have an issue covered by warranty present itself within the first two weeks of delivery of the item, MiniMotors USA will cover the part and shipping cost under warranty. If that issue is something you prefer us to address, we will cover inbound and outbound shipping, labor and the part under the warranty. MiniMotors USA will only cover shipping costs under warranty within the first two weeks and requires the original packaging.


Should an issue present itself after the first two weeks of ownership, shipping costs on the covered part will be the responsibility of the customer. If that issue is something the customer prefers MiniMotors USA to address, inbound shipping costs to our repair location are the responsibility of the customer.  MiniMotors USA will cover labor charges and return shipping associated with the warranty repair.


Transfer of Warranty

MiniMotors USA warranty is a transferable warranty. The original purchaser may transfer their warranty to the next owner if applicable/ still within the period of active warranty.  Subsequent owners must have a copy of the original purchase receipt.