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Erexx Steering Damper

Experience the peak in steering stabilization with the new Erexx steering dampers for Dualtron electric scooters. This hydraulic stabilizer is the best performing steering damper in the world. Featuring a new low profile design which makes installation quick and simple without taking up any deck real estate. Optimize your ride with the new Erexx steering dampers for Dualtron scooters. (Compatible with all Dualtron models excluding the Dualtron Mini)

Compatibility Chart (call 628-240-3880 with compatibility questions):

Erexx #3 (Thunder style frame with gear nut lock on the headset.  This will work with Thunder's, Dualtron 3's, and Compacts with the traditional headset design)

Erexx #6 (Dualtron Storm, Victor, Thunder 2, and Thunder's / Dualtron 3's with new jam nut style headset with stock double clamp)

Erexx #2 (Dualtron Ultra 2, Ultra V2, Spider, Eagle, Raptor, New DT with gear nut style headset)