Limited time, limited stock – Our BIGGEST flash sale of the year! Shop Now

Limited time, limited stock – Our BIGGEST flash sale of the year! Shop Now

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Blade Mini Pro Electric Scooter

A new champion in the 48 volt scooter world has emerged, feast your eyes on the Blade Mini Pro from Teverun! This 48 volt dual motor scooter features a top speed of 35mph and a real-life range of over 20 miles in a single charge. This mid-level performer is an eyecatcher and a great ride with 9x3 tubed tires, mechanical disk brakes, spring suspension, and all the programmability offered in the MiniMotors ey3 throttle. This model is perfect for riders looking for a bit more performance than the single motor offerings without going up in size to the 60 volt + options. Lock this awesome new folding mechanism into the riding position, unlock your scooter with the NFC electronic lock, and ride off into the sunset on the new Blade Mini Pro.

Shipping in early February

    Compare our electric scooter speeds, range, features, and prices.

    Compare our electric scooter specs and prices.


    • Tire Size (inch): 9" Tube Tire
    • Display: Minimotors EY3 Original
    • Speed: 34mph 
    • Battery: 48 volt 18.2Ah 
    • Maximum Range: 37 miles 
    • Brakes: Double Disk
    • Electronic Lock: NFC 
    • Suspension: Spring Suspension
    • Maximum Load: 264lbs
    • The Material: Forged Aluminum
    • Net Weight: 66lbs 
    • Gross Weight: 77lbs 


    • Intelligent Control System
    • NFC Lock and TFT Display Option

    More Features:

    • High Strength Suspension

    Blade Mini Minimotors Handle Bars
    Blade Mini Minimotors Back Lights
    Blade Mini Minimotors Hero
    Blade Mini Minimotors Front
    Blade Mini Minimotors Specs